Shoe Drive Fundraisers Brought to You By Wayne Elsey and Funds2Orgs

Did you know shoe drive fundraisers developed by Wayne Elsey and his company Funds2Orgs, have the additional benefit of helping small business micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries such a Haiti? 

Wayne Elsey started his career at the age of 15 in the shoe business. From that moment on, his life has been about shoes. After successfully moving up in the industry and becoming President of Kodiak-Terra USA and President and CEO of Footwear Specialties International (FSI), the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami changed the course and tenor of his life.

Haunted by the image of a single shoe washing ashore on the beach after the tsunami, he decided that he had to give back and help improve the lives or people. After establishing and growing one of the most successful nonprofits in the United States, Wayne Elsey established Wayne Elsey Enterprises.

The parent company has a portfolio of subsidiaries, which include str@tegic, SocialGoodU, his blog, Not Your Father’s Charity (NYFC) as well as the ground-breaking social enterprise company, Funds2Orgs.

Wayne Elsey has always believed that socially conscious businesses and nonprofit organizations can make an even larger impact in the world, which he writes about each week on Not Your Father’s Charity. That is why the Funds2Orgs Training Depot opened in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It serves this small island nation as the first shoe micro-enterprise training center in the country and of Funds2Orgs, with plans for more to follow.

Shoe Drives

The idea is simple.

Working with a network of members in a regional community within a developing country, a Funds2Orgs Training Depot is meant to serve as a training ground for local entrepreneurs. In many developing nations, one of the most difficult challenges to its citizens is systemic poverty that offers limited work opportunities and prospects.

Wayne Elsey and his company have established the Funds2Orgs Training Depot, in order to support individuals in helping themselves out of poverty by providing them the expertise they need to create their own opportunity by establishing small businesses, or micro-enterprise, which typically consist of family members.

Courses in math, reading and writing will enable budding entrepreneurs to gain the necessary business skills to be successful.  It is important to note that Haiti has one of the lowest literacy rates in the Western Hemisphere with only 53 percent of adults being able to read.

Shoe drive fundraisers that are done in countries such as the United States or Europe in partnership between Funds2Orgs and nonprofits, schools, businesses and individuals who sponsor them in their local communities help provide some of the inventory necessary for participants of the Training Depot in Haiti.

So, unlike any other similar fundraiser out there, Wayne Elsey, who was one of the original creators of shoe drive fundraisers, and Funds2Orgs allow participants in these types of fundraising campaigns to not only raise money for their local charitable organization, but also help contribute to families who are associated with the Training Depot.

Wayne Elsey passionately believes that the way to eradicate poverty in the world is to provide families and individuals with the opportunity to empower themselves by earning enough money to support their families.

If you are interested in learning more about the work of Wayne Elsey and the team at Funds2Orgs, please check out our site or call us at 407-930-2979.

If you would like to follow Wayne Elsey’s thinking on topics such as social enterprise, business, leadership and the nonprofit sector, check out his blog at Not Your Father’s Charity. He will also be writing more about the changes happening in Haiti and the impact being made by the Funds2Orgs Training Depot.